Fishbowl Time

Clock in anywhere, from any device, at any time.

A multi-function and searchable time clock you can access from a mobile device.

Access on virtually any device

Employees can turn a desktop computer or any other device with a Wi-Fi connection into a punch clock. There is nothing to download because everything is stored and runs in the cloud.

Set up and track overtime

Automatically track overtime throughout the pay period for each employee. You can track overtime daily, weekly or even track daily double overtime hours.

Track overtime daily or weekly for each employee in your business.
A multi-function and searchable time clock you can access from a mobile device.

Easily print and export a variety of useful reports

An assortment of reports including Employee Timecards, Payroll, and PTO totals are available for printing or export. Fishbowl Time is integrated with Quickbooks and reports can be uploaded to a number of other Payroll Platforms.

Track employee login and location information

Set up approved login locations so your employees won’t clock in while on their way to work or in other places. Track where employees are, working from and keep tabs on clock in and out locations. You can also go into time cards and fix errors before exporting them.

Keep tabs on where your employees are, and track clock in and clock out locations.
Easily export payroll information to various desktop or online payroll software.

Integrate with other solutions

Easily export payroll information to various payroll solutions, such as QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. You can also export data into Excel spreadsheets to Fishbowl.

Additional Features

Time Clock
Time Cards
PTO Tracking
Projects tracking and management
Manual and Auto Breaks
Fishbowl Inventory Integration

Affordable and Simple Pricing

Get all of these features and 5 users for just $20 per month.

Fishbowl Time

5 users, additional users $2 each

$20 Base Fee

GPS tracking for clocking in/out
Easy to set up and use
Simple timecard reports
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